Project Godiva – Part 1

Welcome to the first of many (we hope!) articles where we attempt to wade through the issues surrounding the design, construction and race/registration of a Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) that can be used at the track and probably on the road as well!

Piranha or Electric Eel

The car in question is, as I write this, just a collection of steel tubes stitched together sitting in my workshop and that’s it. It was purchased in 2010 by Daryl Watt of New South Wales and is a Melbourne-built Piranha hill climber of 1990-ish vintage with an extensive career doing short runs up the various inclined tracks around the country by the five or so previous owners. Daryl’s usual and very successful racer is a road-registered Westfield with a Toyota 20 valve silvertop, but he decided to get a bit more serious and buy a dedicated hill climber car. For most of its life it had a Suzuki GSX1100 motorbike engine in it, but after a catastrophic failure a replacement in the form of a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 of about 175hp was fitted, though the installation had not been completed by the time Daryl bought the car.

The Million Horsepower Supra

The roots of the Toyota Supra can be traced back as far as the svelte Toyota 2000GT of the 1960s; cool enough for James Bond to cruise around in the movie “You only live twice”. The engine used in that car gradually grew in capacity through the years, as the long-lived M-series and it survived up to the 7M-GTE-powered Mark 3 Supra of the early 90s.

Adam Proctor

Adam Proctor, the principal of AP Racing, is a familiar name in the Australian motorsport world. After the near – mandatory go-kart start to motorsport at age 12, Adam then moved up to Formula Vees, first in the 1200 classes and then to the 1600s.He flourished in the 1600 class with some support from the Jacer Vee organization and went on to place in State titles in 2004, 2006 and 2007 and to win in 2008. After a third place in a National Championship, he made the move to the Sport Racing class in 2009. The AP Racing team was born and a Stohr Sport Racing car was imported from the USA. This allowed Adams talent to show through with State Championships in NSW in 2010, won the 2010 CAMS NSW competitor of the year, NSW and Queensland Championships in 2011 and National Championships in 2011 and now 2012.

Pirelli Tyres in F1

I listen with amusement to the gleeful pronouncements made by the F1 presenters, that the new Pirelli tyres have revitalised the sport. All this while watching the world’s best drivers and race engineers struggle to make the things work.
My opinion was that the tyres are rubbish, but that was based on a technical perspective, so I took it upon myself to find out what I could about these mysterious black doughnuts.

A Hard Charger

One of the joys of watching Improved Production is the mix of cars that you see on the track.

Have you ever imagined a less likely Improved Production racing car than a big, square rigged Valiant? I can imagine a TV commentator giving running a description of the field:

“Commodores, RX7’s, Falcons, Mitsubishi Evos, Valiant VGs and …. wait, what?”

The Driver’s Seat – Issue 32

Welcome to issue thirty two of Race Magazine, the issue that marks the end of eight years of producing a unique publication, focused on Australian motorsport. In this time, Race Magazine has changed and improved, as has Australian Motorsport in general in my opinion. These days I rarely hear or read the bitter vitriol that once surrounded the competing interests of the Australia Auto Sport Alliance and the Confederation of Australian Motorsport. Personally, I view this as a very good thing for the image of motorsport in Australia. Indeed the iRace series has joined these two bodies and seems to be doing well too.

Mystery Chassis

Whose workshop is that pictured with the four cars on the Social Climber page in the last issue? I couldn’t help noticing the Mallock style chassis. Amongst my other projects I have been pencilling a similar design to use ‘junk’ parts as a better racing alternative to a Locost.

Why no local books?

Why aren’t the local publishers printing books about Australia’s great racing heritage? Australia’s had racing tracks galore over the years, such as Surfers Paradise, Lakeside and Calder.

Lola Gone!

Did you see that the great racecar manufacturer Lola is dead and the lawyers are picking over the bones! I thought they were much stronger than Lotus and other race car manufacturers.

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