2017 Clubman Cup series winner Dene Courtis with co-driver Robert King

Darling 200: 2WD and Clubman Cup

Darling 200: 2WD and Clubman Cup decided during a demonstration of rally camaraderie

Rally WA:

The conditions were almost perfect for the start of the Darling 200, the deciding final round of the 2WD and Clubman Cup categories in the Onslow Contracting Western Australian Rally Championship (WARC).
Around Jarrahdale, competitors had to tackle a total of 76 kilometres that consisted of one 25.34 kilometre stage that was run three times, which threw an additional challenge of deteriorating conditions, dust and finishing the event into the setting sun.
Organisers successfully trialled a ‘no wheel spin start’ rule which kept the start line in good condition and minimised dust, for which the Darling 200 is renowned. This year, the Service Park was on the Jarrahdale Oval and worked really well for competitors, crews and officials, as well as locals who enjoyed looking on.
With many flat tyres, a blown engine (2WD: Allout Towing Services, David Farnswroth, 1990 Toyota Corolla), and a multiple roll-over crash (Clubman Cup: Platinum Automotive, Anthony Chudleigh, 1998 Hyundai Excel), there was barely a dull moment.

CAMS fines competitor for Competing

CAMS has handed a $5k suspended fine to a competitor for competing in an AASA Formula Ford event at Winton on 24 September, 2016.  The competitor, Paul Zsidy, is a CAMS state council member and by competing in the non-CAMS sanctioned event he breached the CAMS constitution.

CAMS released a statement last week that stated:

“The Board of CAMS met on November 4 2016 to determine a charge against Mr Paul Zsidy of Bentleigh East, Victoria. It was alleged that as a member of the Victorian State Council Executive of CAMS, Mr Zsidy breached his obligations pursuant to clause 14(b) of the CAMS Constitution by competing at a non CAMS event”

Air Ducts with William Toet – A Down to Earth Explanation

I have been following William’s posts for a while now as they are amazingly insightful and deeply technical.

Here is his fantastically easy to read explanation of duct design, and the magic number you need to aim for when working out expansion angles.

William explains; “Ducts are there to capture air from, ideally, a clean, high energy source and conduct it to the place it needs to be used (usually for cooling of some sort, or for “feeding” an engine).

Expanding the air gently is the right thing to do.  Often there isn’t the space to do this realistically but here’s an example of a duct that benefitted from making space.”

Formula Drone the Next Step after Formula E?

Formula E appears to be a rapidly growing category (though no events Down Under – presumably electricity is expensive here), and love it or not, electric cars are going to be a massive presence in the future automotive landscape.  Formula E has a love-it-or-hate-it sound, and the end of a race can be painful to watch in a way one could only imagine it would be like if every car in the field suddenly ran out of petrol on the last lap.  Having said that, the racing is close, and it is exciting, and the technology has far reaching applications.

A recent announcement of the Roborace car release is an obvious next step in the evolution of electric vehicles, drone racing and remote operated or autonomous equipment.

Awesome Retro Weber Style Carby for Hidden EFI

Awesome Retro Weber Style Carby for Hidden EFI!

Jenvey in the UK are known for making some pretty interesting induction systems. One downside on older cars is losing the classic ‘look’, let alone the distinctive sound of side draught carbies.

So when some pictures of new DCOE style carbs floated across my screen, I had to do a double take.  Hidden inside the float bowl area is two neatly installed fuel injectors!

Mammoth Entry List Confirmed for 40th Anniversary Historics

More than 200 pre-1961 historic cars and motorcycles will compete in the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCCA) 40th anniversary of Australia’s first all-historic race meeting, to be held at Wakefield Park on 17-18 September.

The entry list for the commemorative race meeting was confirmed at yesterday’s official event launch at the Goulburn Visitor Information Centre yesterday, with event organisers and a couple of historic vehicles in attendance.

Wakefield Park operations manager Matt Baragwanath said the mammoth entry list includes a large number of interstate competitors.

“We have drivers and cars travelling from South Australia, Victoria and Northern NSW, as well as Queensland,” Mr Baragwanath said.

“We’re very impressed with the number of entries, especially considering we restricted it to pre-1961 cars.”

2016 Shannons Nationals Sept 10-11

This weekend’s September 10-11 Shannons Nationals Round 6 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit promises great Sports Car action with:

  • the final round of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge for 2016,
  • National Sports Sedans,
  • V8 Tourers,
  • GTs,
  • Touring Car Masters,
  • Superkarts Formula 3,
  • SportsRacers and more

Race Magazine has a new project – and it’s BAD

Yes, the new project has arrived.  It is intended to be a platform to prove that grass roots motor sport is easy to get into, cheap, and a whole lot of fun.

But first, it needs to start and run!  You know that cold sinking feeling you get when you realise you have made a terrible mistake?  That was what I got when it arrived.

Follow the progress here in our very own forums:

The New Race Magazine Project – and it's BAD

2016 NSW Sports Sedans Championship Round 4 Race 3 Wakefield Park

ECU Team head to Silverstone

After thousands of hours in the workshop and a 19 hour flight to the hallowed Silverstone Racetrack, the Edith Cowan University Motorsport Team’s latest car is ready to take on the world at the UK Formula Student competition.

Having placed 12th out of 100 teams at the competition in 2014, the ECU team are hoping to do even better with their latest car in 2016.

Dubbed ‘Habibi’ in honour of School of Engineering Head Professor Daryoush Habibi, the car is powered by a four cylinder Honda motorcycle engine, with a completely redesigned engine block and gearbox.

The Formula Student event includes a skidpad test (figure of 8), a 1km sprint, a 75m acceleration test and a 22km endurance run.

Points are also awarded for engineering design, cost and sustainability and a business presentation.

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