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Air Ducts with William Toet – A Down to Earth Explanation

I have been following William’s posts for a while now as they are amazingly insightful and deeply technical.

Here is his fantastically easy to read explanation of duct design, and the magic number you need to aim for when working out expansion angles.

William explains; “Ducts are there to capture air from, ideally, a clean, high energy source and conduct it to the place it needs to be used (usually for cooling of some sort, or for “feeding” an engine).

Expanding the air gently is the right thing to do.  Often there isn’t the space to do this realistically but here’s an example of a duct that benefitted from making space.”

Driveshaft Angle and Phasing Demonstration

Found this Driveshaft Angle and Phasing Demonstration on youtube a while ago. Here is an excellent demonstration of the problems that are associated with universal (or Cardan) joint, and the importance of choosing your angles and phasing very carefully.

Porsche 3.8L RSR build

Everyone loves a good Porsche build, and this has been an interesting one!  It is being built in Sydney at Autohaus Hamilton.  I have had the pleasure of dealing with Autohaus Hamilton in the past and have been impressed with their good nature and friendliness, not  to mention the attention to detail.

LS1 Manifold Comparison Data Analysis

Thinking of putting a carby on an LS1? Better read on before you do!

Hot Rod magazine in the USA recently did a comparison between 20 LS1 style inlet manifolds, producing some very interesting results.

The article can be found here:

They published the data and findings on their website, but there wasn’t a lot of deep comparison analysis.  We took it upon ourselves to cut and paste it into Excel and research their findings a bit further.

The LS series of engines has become an automotive phenomenon due to their high output to mass ratio, the cheap and common aspect due to the sheer volume that has been manufactured and sold across a simply ridiculous range of vehicles.  Everything from medium sized sedans to vans and trucks.

They are a very robust engine too; able to develop decent power on stock internals and they run a hackable, tuneable Delco ECU.  Overall they are a package that is hard to beat.  The net result is the damn things get put into pretty much any platform you can think of (including Porsche 911’s and aircraft).


Hot Rod Magazine Tests 20 Ls1 Inlet Manifolds

Hot Rod Magazine in the US has done it again.

They tested 20 inlet manifolds to suit the popular LS1 style engines.  While this might seem like a clear cut exercise, the results are fascinating.

There are some things to bear in mind however.  The test engine is far from stock (a cammed iron block 6.0L LSX), and that peak power is less important to those of us that need lots of torque and a good spread of power to get around a tight circuit, compared to the drag racing fraternity.

Another point to remember is American horses seem to be much smaller than Australian ones, and therefore more fit into a smaller area than they do here.  The US seems to consistently yield higher dyno readings than our local ones.

They tested  some of the original equipment fitted manifolds from various models as well as a bunch of aftermarket gear.

Frankenbenz – Mercedes-Benz 190E body on an AMG C63

Here’s something interesting that we came across the other day.  A company in Leesburg, Virginia called Piper Motorsport are installing a mid 80’s Mercedes-Benz 190E body on a late model C63 AMG platform.  As yet, we have no idea if it is to be a dedicated racing car, or just a cool streeter

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Look what MOTOR found – Mid Engine Rodeo

The internet is full of wonderful sometimes.

This is a creation by Mike Moore and is used for track days and sprints.  It runs an L98 with a Jerico and Winters quick change rear end.  It runs a Quick Fuel carburetor, dry-sump oil system, modified cam, and pumps out roughly 600hp.  All this in an 1100kg car.


Web Trawl: Nissan GTR Unveiled for Le Mans – and it’s FWD!

Well, this is counter-intuitive, but the Devil is in the detail.

Nissan has unveiled the Le Mans special GTR; the GTR-LM.  A front-engined, front wheel drive car that is powered by a 3-litre twin turbo V6 petrol engine.

They are also using a kinetic energy recovery system of an (as yet)  undefined specification.

Web Trawl: Head Porting by David Vizard

Here’s an excellent article we came across on the web, written by the legendary David Vizard.  Cylinder head porting is a dark art understood by very few, and those that do rarely share their knowledge.  To make things harder, the things that work are often counter-intuitive.


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