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Why the Bathurst 6 Hour Matters – Or Is Going To…

By Bruce Moxon.

A few weeks ago we saw the first modern iteration of the Bathurst 6 Hour race for Production Touring Cars. The first one ever, was in October 1962 and was for production touring and sports cars. History reports that brothers Leo and Ian Geoghegan won in a Daimler SP250. This time around, it was Nathan Morcomb and Chaz Mostert in a BMW 335.


As a race it was interesting, as long-distance races tend to be. There’s someone coming back from a drama, there’s someone going faster than everyone thinks is wise. There’s someone too stubborn to admit they should park the car and save themselves the trouble.

But for me, it felt like the Bathurst 1000 of the days of yore, when you could build a half-decent car in your shed and have a crack at a top-ten. When privateer teams, on the bones of their arse, could still be there, despite having no chance (and knowing it, but just needing to Be In It.)

Motor Sport and the Nanny State

There’s been a few disturbing things in the media this week. One is the USA EPA floating a proposal to prevent road going cars from being used in motor sport, and the other much more local.

Senator Ricky Muir of the The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party has brought to our attention that a local council – Latrobe Council – has floated a proposal to prevent the use of recreational vehicles on private property.

We tend to shy away from the politics of motor sport and politics in general, but this is worth our broader community knowing about. The risk is if it becomes enforceable in one local government area it will end up being more widespread.

Senator Ricky Muir says “The Latrobe City Council have proposed amendments to their Local Law No.2. I have received significant amounts of messages of concern relating to this. As the issue is a Local Council issue and not that of Federal Parliament I cannot have a direct impact on these proposed changes.”

We are back in the game

…and calling for articles!

Neil and Jim have decided to take a break from print publication which is extremely time consuming and expensive, and keep providing great technical and feature articles right here on the website.  Subscriptions aren’t necessary except for digital back issues, at least until we go back to print (most likely next year). Current subscribers have the option of a partial refund, or any back issues they are missing from their collection.

This gives us a much needed break, and presents a great opportunity to refocus on what we do best – support grassroots motor sport and car constructors with technical resources, inspiration and exciting new developments in the industry.

Only yesterday in my Facebook feed I saw a local company offer a complete double wishbone front suspension setup as a brand new fully assembled product. Admittedly it was for the hot rod community but it does show that local manufacture is still alive and innovating in the local automotive aftermarket. Arguably the world’s best engine management systems, light weight hose fittings, brakes, steering components and wheels are made here, and the Australian aftermarket and motor sport industry is worth around five billion dollars^.

If you come across something new and innovative, let us know!

We have feature car articles in the pipeline, and some great technical articles coming up too. With some luck, we may even have some left-field motor sport information related to raising finance and making the most of tax benefits! That’s a bit random, but it should help struggling teams and grass root competitors that need to find ways of making motor sport viable.

We are going to make better use of ads on the website as we still need to pay hosting fees and other business costs, but we are also hoping to put some money back into the motor sport community through car club newsletters and event sponsorship where possible.

Race Magazine is working towards being able to reimburse our contributors for their incredible and supportive efforts! We have always relied on volunteer contributors due to the lack of funds available. Your support has been incredible and we haven’t thanked you enough!

So spread the word and keep an eye on RaceMagazine.com.au and our facebook page! 2016 will be a fun and exciting year.



58th King Edward Park Hillclimb Will Be the Last One

That’s right, 2015 will be the last King Edward Park Hillclimb.  The Mattara festival from 2016 on will not include the annual round of the NSW Hillclimb championship, run by the Newcastle MG Car Club.

The park and surrounding lands has been undergoing extensive renovation and improvements, and this combined with safety concerns (both for competitors and spectators) sees the event unable to continue.

‘‘We can’t be angry at the council,’’ Newcastle MG Car Club vice-president Dave Atkins said. ‘‘We can’t stand in the way of progress for our one weekend a year.’’


CASAR Park update – Pit Design Released


What makes a good Pit area design?

CASAR PARK – the proposed motor sport complex set to be constructed on NSW’s Central Coast – have put up their pit area design for comment.

casar pitThe full PDF of the design can be found HERE.

Take a look, and discuss it on our Facebook page.

Please visit and support CASAR Park at http://www.casarpark.org.au/



Pirelli Tyres in F1

I listen with amusement to the gleeful pronouncements made by the F1 presenters, that the new Pirelli tyres have revitalised the sport. All this while watching the world’s best drivers and race engineers struggle to make the things work.
My opinion was that the tyres are rubbish, but that was based on a technical perspective, so I took it upon myself to find out what I could about these mysterious black doughnuts.

The Driver’s Seat – Issue 32

Welcome to issue thirty two of Race Magazine, the issue that marks the end of eight years of producing a unique publication, focused on Australian motorsport. In this time, Race Magazine has changed and improved, as has Australian Motorsport in general in my opinion. These days I rarely hear or read the bitter vitriol that once surrounded the competing interests of the Australia Auto Sport Alliance and the Confederation of Australian Motorsport. Personally, I view this as a very good thing for the image of motorsport in Australia. Indeed the iRace series has joined these two bodies and seems to be doing well too.

Mystery Chassis

Whose workshop is that pictured with the four cars on the Social Climber page in the last issue? I couldn’t help noticing the Mallock style chassis. Amongst my other projects I have been pencilling a similar design to use ‘junk’ parts as a better racing alternative to a Locost.

Why no local books?

Why aren’t the local publishers printing books about Australia’s great racing heritage? Australia’s had racing tracks galore over the years, such as Surfers Paradise, Lakeside and Calder.

Lola Gone!

Did you see that the great racecar manufacturer Lola is dead and the lawyers are picking over the bones! I thought they were much stronger than Lotus and other race car manufacturers.

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