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Mammoth Entry List Confirmed for 40th Anniversary Historics

More than 200 pre-1961 historic cars and motorcycles will compete in the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCCA) 40th anniversary of Australia’s first all-historic race meeting, to be held at Wakefield Park on 17-18 September.

The entry list for the commemorative race meeting was confirmed at yesterday’s official event launch at the Goulburn Visitor Information Centre yesterday, with event organisers and a couple of historic vehicles in attendance.

Wakefield Park operations manager Matt Baragwanath said the mammoth entry list includes a large number of interstate competitors.

“We have drivers and cars travelling from South Australia, Victoria and Northern NSW, as well as Queensland,” Mr Baragwanath said.

“We’re very impressed with the number of entries, especially considering we restricted it to pre-1961 cars.”

2016 Shannons Nationals Sept 10-11

This weekend’s September 10-11 Shannons Nationals Round 6 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit promises great Sports Car action with:

  • the final round of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge for 2016,
  • National Sports Sedans,
  • V8 Tourers,
  • GTs,
  • Touring Car Masters,
  • Superkarts Formula 3,
  • SportsRacers and more

Race Magazine has a new project – and it’s BAD

Yes, the new project has arrived.  It is intended to be a platform to prove that grass roots motor sport is easy to get into, cheap, and a whole lot of fun.

But first, it needs to start and run!  You know that cold sinking feeling you get when you realise you have made a terrible mistake?  That was what I got when it arrived.

Follow the progress here in our very own forums:

The New Race Magazine Project – and it's BAD

2016 NSW Sports Sedans Championship Round 4 Race 3 Wakefield Park

ECU Team head to Silverstone

After thousands of hours in the workshop and a 19 hour flight to the hallowed Silverstone Racetrack, the Edith Cowan University Motorsport Team’s latest car is ready to take on the world at the UK Formula Student competition.

Having placed 12th out of 100 teams at the competition in 2014, the ECU team are hoping to do even better with their latest car in 2016.

Dubbed ‘Habibi’ in honour of School of Engineering Head Professor Daryoush Habibi, the car is powered by a four cylinder Honda motorcycle engine, with a completely redesigned engine block and gearbox.

The Formula Student event includes a skidpad test (figure of 8), a 1km sprint, a 75m acceleration test and a 22km endurance run.

Points are also awarded for engineering design, cost and sustainability and a business presentation.

Passing the Bogandore Baton

The VN Commodore I had been building for umpteen years has moved on.  Due to job changes, two home renovations and starting a family, the time to finish what was a very simple build proved elusive.  I managed to get it together and running with the help of a number of people (Nathan at Newcastle Dyno, Dale at Castle Hill Exhaust, Martin  Upenieks and Steve Mudge from Steve Mudge Auto Electrical to name just a few) and got a run at last year’s Snowy Mountains 1000.  It performed brilliantly and flawlessly, belting out a standing kilometer in 23.99 seconds (again, beaten by Martin  Upenieks by 0.2 of a second for the third year running).  It is a basic LS1 with cam, Trailblazer truck intake, decent cam and a VE six speed gearbox (with the ridiculous stock gearing meaning in theory it would do over 600kph, if only it had the power to achieve it!).


But its time had come as I knew I would have no storage for a while after my move to Canberra.  So on the chopping block it went.  Dave Carter took on the challenge, and collected it from my old place in Port Stephens.

Typically, things haven’t gone smoothly!

A Quick Announcement

Hi all, it’s Jim here with a quick update.
I am now the new owner of Race Magazine, and have some grand plans for the future!

The first of which is to get the magazine back into print, hopefully in the first few months of next year.
With that in mind, I need plenty of content particularly on grassroots builds, technical articles and feature cars. I’ll put a more specific call-out soon.

The digital issues on the website have worked well, but it is killing the server, so unfortunately they will no longer be offered in the current format, and current subscribers will be refunded in full as soon as possible. An alternative method is being developed as we speak!

Neil is still involved and will be providing articles, though not at the volume he is famous for. Neil has done an amazing job over the last 12 years and the driver’s seat has a distinct shape that will take a very long time to fit into, if ever.

Thanks again to everyone for your support over the years, and rest assured that Race Magazine lives on, and will be bigger and better than ever.


Why the Bathurst 6 Hour Matters – Or Is Going To…

By Bruce Moxon.

A few weeks ago we saw the first modern iteration of the Bathurst 6 Hour race for Production Touring Cars. The first one ever, was in October 1962 and was for production touring and sports cars. History reports that brothers Leo and Ian Geoghegan won in a Daimler SP250. This time around, it was Nathan Morcomb and Chaz Mostert in a BMW 335.


As a race it was interesting, as long-distance races tend to be. There’s someone coming back from a drama, there’s someone going faster than everyone thinks is wise. There’s someone too stubborn to admit they should park the car and save themselves the trouble.

But for me, it felt like the Bathurst 1000 of the days of yore, when you could build a half-decent car in your shed and have a crack at a top-ten. When privateer teams, on the bones of their arse, could still be there, despite having no chance (and knowing it, but just needing to Be In It.)

2016 Bathurst 12Hr

Bruce Moxon attended this year’s LiquiMoly Bathurst 12hr for Race Magazine, and has given an excellent report.

Article: Bruce Moxon

Photos: Bruce Moxon and Chris Walsham

You can’t help be but be reminded of the days of Group A Touring Cars, when you think of the Bathurst 12 Hour. A variety of genuine contenders, top drivers from overseas, legendary team names and manufacturers, homologation battles and cars with differing strengths and weaknesses.


Motor Sport and the Nanny State

There’s been a few disturbing things in the media this week. One is the USA EPA floating a proposal to prevent road going cars from being used in motor sport, and the other much more local.

Senator Ricky Muir of the The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party has brought to our attention that a local council – Latrobe Council – has floated a proposal to prevent the use of recreational vehicles on private property.

We tend to shy away from the politics of motor sport and politics in general, but this is worth our broader community knowing about. The risk is if it becomes enforceable in one local government area it will end up being more widespread.

Senator Ricky Muir says “The Latrobe City Council have proposed amendments to their Local Law No.2. I have received significant amounts of messages of concern relating to this. As the issue is a Local Council issue and not that of Federal Parliament I cannot have a direct impact on these proposed changes.”

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