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The Supercar from Caloundra Giocattolo Event

So today I’m currently visiting Jason Overland’s Giocattolo event.  Of the 15 original cars, one was destroyed at Eastern Creek claiming the life of it’s owner and driver and another is unaccounted for.  So it is already a very rare car. Jason has managed to assemble nine of them in one place!

The Giocattolo was the brainchild of Paul Halstead and Barry Lock. It is powered by a 5.0L Holden V8 (an engine designed exclusively for the Australian market) and mated to a ZF transaxle, and mounted behind the seats of what started life as an Alfa Romeo Sprint.

In addition to this, three McLaren cars, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Lotus were all represented.

Keep an eye out for at least some of these cars in future issues.

Issue 47 in store now!

Issue 47 is in stores now!

In it is a great write up on a beautiful GT40, historic racing, Targa South West, Clubman racers, and a great technical article on how laser scanning can be used to design the impossible!  In this instance, a bellhousing adaptor to mate a Mercedes Benz V8 to a Subaru transaxle.

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McLaren – The Man Behind the Cars

The Sydney Film Festival brings one of the greatest motor sport names to the big screen, and Race Magazine has two tickets to give away for it!

The incredible true story of the man behind one of the greatest brands in international motorsport, Bruce McLaren: the humble New Zealander who became a superstar of 1960s Formula One.

Roger Donaldson (Smash Palace; The World’s Fastest Indian), a motor racing fan, tracks McLaren’s full-throttle career from his dad’s Auckland garage to the world stage. A naturally brilliant driver, McLaren moved to Europe in 1958, at a time when the Formula One scene drew huge crowds in exotic locations, and winners were idolised like movie stars. This was the era of Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi – and McLaren was the youngest of them all. Not just a driver, he formed the Bruce McLaren Racing Team in 1963 to build and race his own revolutionary cars. In 1970, at age 32, he was killed in an accident while testing a new race car. Donaldson tells the story of this legendary, unassuming Kiwi through interviews, archival footage, and big-screen worthy recreations.

Screenings are on Sunday the 18th of June, with details on the Sydney Film Festival website.

The Sydney Film Festival has promised us two tickets which we are putting up for grabs! How can you nab them?

Jump onto our Facebook page, and tell us how many laps of the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve McLaren will do in the final race of the Canadian Grand Prix, on the 11th of June!





Massive Touring Car Masters Smash

Possibly irreplaceable classic racing cars destroyed at Winton Raceway today.

Race leader Jason Gomersoll spun unassisted and was hit by a number of other cars.  The pile-up that followed took out most of the front runners and has apparently destroyed some cars and, according to Facebook chatter, injured a few drivers including Bernie Stack and John Bowe.

The race was abandoned after this incident.



Issue 46 on sale now!

Issue 46 is in the newsagents RIGHT NOW!

Inside is a write up on the Gunnedah Hill climb, The Paris Special motorkhana car, THREE Ford V8 classic targa cars, the third and final Mishok Escort article, and a brilliant Mini sports sedan to name a few of the articles in there.

Win tickets to Historic Winton!

Win tickets to see Historic Winton!
Something we don’t see enough of is where you create the amazing cars and builds featured in Race Magazine. So go to our FaceBook page post a picture of your shed, workshop, garage, lean-to or wherever you do your work, then share this post and get your friends to ‘like’ your post.

Designing a Race Car with Open Source Software

David Chinner is a genius. I first met David many years ago when I used to rally and do club level stuff with his brother Andrew.  Both brothers are genuine and down-to-earth guys, which, when talking about geniuses, is pretty rare.  David is easy to talk to even though he is an enormous brain with a pony tail attached.

He runs a home built Clubman style car powered by a 13B turbo.  In David’s style, he has used engineering design and a heck of a lot of maths to build it, and now to rebuild it after a major ‘off’ at Wakefield Park.

Here, he talks about the process and pitfalls of using open source software to redesign the car.  His audience in this lecture are software developers and engineers for the Linux open source operating system (hence the awkward laughs at some of the anecdotes) but there’s a lot of knowledge here that the rest of us can use.


AASA released a statement today to reassure competitors and officials of the ability of the governing body to adequately support participants, presumably in response to the recent open letter to officials from CAMS. (This post updated 12:30pm 10/03/17)

Source: https://aasa.com.au/news/

Race Magazine’s Video Project – Episode 1

Here it is! It’s taken forever, and about 20 versions due to my poor understanding of the editing software.

It is aimed at people that are interested in getting involved in motor sport and think it’s too hard or expensive, or people that should be interested!  Forward it on to friends and family that should really be doing car things off public roads.

I know you love deeply technical articles and well made competition cars.  This won’t be about that so much, at least not in these early days.  The intention is to kick off with the absolute bare minimum, and slowly progress up the motor sport food chain starting with events with no barriers to entry, before moving into club level competition and so on.  So far the first two episodes will be on track days and skid pans.

It is unpolished and I have made a number of technical errors that cannot be fixed, but hey, I have had a go and each subsequent issue should be better every time.  Hopefully it will still be entertaining!




Missing copies

It has been rapidly coming to my attention that an ENTIRE batch of post has gone AWOL.

If you have not received your copy, please let me know (use the contact form page here or send me a message on FaceBook).

I will start re-sending them early next week.

My sincere apologies for the delay in getting the magazine into your hands!


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